Month: July 2012

2012 Baylor University Journalism and Media Arts Workshop Designs

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Olympic Security Concerns Those it Seeks to Protect

Private citizens question magnitude of personal sacrifice necessary to ensure national security 

WACO, Texas – London officials have approved placing missile launch devices on the roof of multiple buildings throughout the city. Apartment residents in one such building were outraged that the government “would risk the safety of private citizens.” A court judge has already ruled that the missiles may stay in position, but the issue has sparked a controversy as to how much citizens should be required to give up for security.

The citizens feel that having missiles on site at their residence will make them targets for a terror attack. The government says that these missiles are necessary to defend the athletes and spectators at the games.

The fact that these citizens refuse to accept a small inconvenience is incredible. The missiles should not cause any discomfort unless they were to be fired. If that were necessary, it would be incredibly selfish to sacrifice the lives of many at the Olympic games in exchange for the noise and what minimal damage might be caused by a missile launch.

London has taken security to the extreme this year. Primarily, in response to the suicide bombings in subway tunnels a few years ago when London was announced as the Olympic host. The missiles should not make the buildings they are on targets for terror attacks. Most terrorists are concerned about causing massive panic in one quick strike. It is not likely that a terrorist would take out the missile installments in order for a hijacked plan to fly past.

Terrorists have no reason to attack the private sector because it lacks the potential for mass destruction and chaos that they look for. There is no reason for the missiles not to go on these apartment buildings. The higher vantage point allows for easier launch and better accuracy.

The missiles pose no threat to citizen safety; they only protect the citizens more. People should be asking for these extensive measures to stay around after the Olympics not asking for their dismissal.

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Bears Draw Attention for Baylor University

WACO, Texas – On a normal day driving down the road one girl’s life would change because of one stop. Her father, Paul Carr, decided to stop at Baylor University in Waco, Texas, to see a unique sight-two North American black bears on a university campus. “She saw the bears when she was seven or eight and at that moment decided she was going to go to Baylor,” says Carr. While he adds that there are many more important factors to choosing a college, the awe factor often captures young children’s imaginations and interests them in Baylor more than other colleges. (more…)