Students Host Basketball Outreach Camp

Zach Postem (12) plays with one of the kids at Ballin’ for Christ 2013. Dalton Standish (10) started the camp and asked his friends like Postema to help run it. (Photo courtesy of Grapevine Faith Athletics Department)

GRAPEVINE, Texas – On the morning of July 11, Faith’s Worth Street gym was full of kids, but it was not for Lion Power and they were not Faith students. Sophomore Dalton Standish was hosting the second annual Ballin’ for Christ basketball camp for inner-city kids.

Standish got the idea after his sister had led one a few years back. “I guess I kinda wanted to do something to help them, and I play basketball, and I thought it’d be fun just to do that,” Standish said.

Partnering with Beautiful Feet Ministries, Standish enlisted the help of some of his close friends to put on a basketball camp at Faith. Standish got permission from Coach Brandon Smith to use the gym at the Worth Street campus.

“The day of, [Beautiful Feet] drove around and picked them up,” Standish said. The Faith students who helped with the camp made sure that T-shirts and medals were made before the camp. Each ran a station where they would demonstrate skills before playing a game with the kids. “Then we scrimmaged; the kids really liked scrimmaging.” Standish said.

Ballin’ for Christ was entirely student run. Coach Andy Postema was the only Faith staff at the camp and was minimally involved. Standish said, “Coach Postema led a devotion at the end. He also helped us run a P-I-G tournament.”

The kids at Ballin' for Christ 2013 scrimmage towards the end of the one-day camp.

The kids at Ballin’ for Christ 2013 scrimmage towards the end of the one-day camp. (Photo courtesy of Grapevine Faith Athletics Department)

Sophomore Kyle Dendy helped Standish and ran the layup station. “At one point, there were these two twins that were pretty little, and they just kept making all these shots and everyone was going crazy,” said Dendy, “Just encouraging them was great.”

This was Sophomore Hannah Smith’s first year to help with the camp. Smith said that Standish’s mother “needed someone to work specifically with the girls that came, so she talked to my dad and asked if I would want to help.”

“There were about five girls there,” Standish said, “They liked basketball, but they didn’t want to do it the whole time, so Hannah helped them do some arts and crafts stuff.”

The group hopes to have more kids at the camp next year, but the kids that they work with live very day-to-day without much planning. “It’s really a ‘day of’ thing,” Standish said, “We would love to be able to plan it in advance, but we just can’t.”

Standish and Dendy said Ballin’ for Christ showed them how much they have and how much they take for granted. “They get so much joy just out of playing a simple basketball game. We can do that anytime we want and we kinda take stuff for granted,” said Standish.

To see this article as it was originally printed in the Grapevine Faith RAWR, click here.


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