Month: September 2013

New Teachers: Mrs. Jamie Garner

Mrs. Jamie Garner

Mrs. Jamie Garner

GRAPEVINE, Texas – Mrs. Jamie Garner comes to Faith after teaching government and economics for two years at Round Rock Christian Academy. She loves working with seniors and is looking forward to teaching economics at Faith. “It’s just fun watching you guys get to learn about the future and what’s coming and being able to think really big ideas,” she said. (more…)


New Teachers: Mrs. Kate Beeson

Mrs. Kate Beeson

Mrs. Kate Beeson

GRAPEVINE, Texas – Faith welcomed its second member of the Beeson family to the staff this year. Mrs. Kate Beeson is a new history teacher and is very excited to start teaching.

“I’ve been around Faith for a really long time and enjoyed it. I was just really excited to work with students. It’s fun. So far it’s been great,” she said. Mr. Michael Beeson, her husband, has been a part of the Faith family for 10 years now. (more…)

Freshman Passes Second Year at Aviation Challenge

GRAPEVINE, Texas – Freshman Stephen Higginbotham spent part of his summer at Aviation Challenge, a unique military and aviation experience in Huntsville, Alabama. Higginbotham hopes to join the Air Force and enjoyed his experience so much last year that he went again this year.

Aviation Challenge, a division of Space Camp at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center, is described as a “weeklong program promoting science, technology, engineering, and math, while training students and adults with hands-on activities and missions based on teamwork, leadership, and decision-making.” (more…)

New Women’s Ministry Kicks Off

GRAPEVINE, Texas – Senior Hannah Holt wanted Faith students to become more familiar with their Bibles, so she started 31, a new women’s ministry at Faith, to remedy the problem she saw. “Last year, in March, I stayed after class and talked to Mr. Browning, and I was upset because he asked questions to test our Bible knowledge in class, and no one knew the answers,” Holt said.

After talking with Mr. Jon Brooks, Dr. Jeff Potts, and Dr. Ed Smith, Holt had a plan for her vision of 31. “I went to Mr. Brooks and asked, ‘What would a women’s ministry look like at Faith? I just got back from Pink Impact, and it’s incredible. What would that look like for Faith and for the girls?’” said Holt. She consulted with multiple female teachers on what would be the best way to engage with the students. (more…)