New Teachers: Mrs. Kate Beeson

Mrs. Kate Beeson

Mrs. Kate Beeson

GRAPEVINE, Texas – Faith welcomed its second member of the Beeson family to the staff this year. Mrs. Kate Beeson is a new history teacher and is very excited to start teaching.

“I’ve been around Faith for a really long time and enjoyed it. I was just really excited to work with students. It’s fun. So far it’s been great,” she said. Mr. Michael Beeson, her husband, has been a part of the Faith family for 10 years now.

Before coming to Faith, Mrs. Beeson worked as a secretary for 13 years. She attended UTA where she earned a master’s degree in history. She is currently working on a second master’s in library science. “I’ll be done with that in December,” she said.

Mrs. Beeson likes to play golf and read.  She enjoys going to the movies with her husband as well. “That takes about all the free time I get,” she said. Mrs. Beeson has also lived in ten different states and Puerto Rico. “I moved around a lot as a kid. My dad was in the Navy,” she said.

Mrs. Beeson has enjoyed her time at Faith so far and said, “So far it’s been great. Freshmen are a very excited bunch. Which is nice. It’s just better than being grumpy.” She is looking forward to the rest of her first year.

To see this article as it originally appeared in the Grapevine Faith RAWR, click here.


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