Month: October 2013

Retreat Surprises Senior

SPICEWOOD, Texas – Retreat surprised me. My class surprised me. Going into the week, I did not expect the trip to be enjoyable for seniors. After hearing nightmare stories of the workload, the lack of sleep, and meddlesome teachers, I planned just to try to survive the week.

Dr. Smith made it sound like we were very far behind on planning during Senior Bible the week before the trip. And to be honest, we probably were. We really hadn’t done any work over the summer to prepare, but at least the students would be fed. We had that covered. (more…)


Blacksmith Adds Character To Main Street

Will Frary works on a project that will be displayed on Main Street.

Will Frary works on a project that will be displayed on Main Street. (Photo courtesy of Brandon Whiteley)

GRAPEVINE, Texas – If you walk down Main Street in Grapevine on a Thursday afternoon, you’ll see smoke rising behind the train station. Don’t be alarmed. If you get closer, you’ll hear the distinctive ring of a hammer pounding away on metal. If you step inside the Millican Blacksmith shop on Main Street, you’ll meet Will Frary, Grapevine’s resident blacksmith.

Frary has been practicing his craft since the early 80’s on his ranch in Colorado. He started out straightening horseshoes. He moved to Texas to follow his grandchildren and now works in his shop in Grapevine on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and occasionally Sunday afternoons. “I heard about the blacksmith shop here, and they were looking for a blacksmith, so I came down,” Frary said. He is a full-time blacksmith and spends the time he is not in Grapevine in his forge at his house. (more…)

Reinstated Girls’ Soccer Team Prepares

GRAPEVINE, Texas – Two years ago, Faith’s girls’ soccer team ended their season with a loss in the state semi-finals. They have not played a single game since. Now with resurgent numbers, the team is being reinstated at Faith with Mr. Jon Brooks at the helm.

“[Girls’ soccer] stopped simply because we did not have the numbers to make a team,” Mr. Brooks said. “It’s best to simply stop a program until you can sustain it, and two years later that’s now.”

“Last year, we had in junior high a surge of young ladies that played. We had some parents that were very excited and got an unofficial junior team together. Those girls moved in this year as freshmen,” Mr. Brooks said. With more interest in the sport this year, Mr. Brooks is confident that there will be enough to make a team. “Because we have girls in other sports, we won’t know until the [October] 28th, which is our first official day of practice, but we are looking at between 22 and 28,” he said. (more…)

Faith’s Athletic Trainer Serves All Athletes

GRAPEVINE, Texas – When Faith played Midland Christian in football this year, sophomore Ben Ashton took a hit he will never forget. Running down the sideline, Ashton went up to catch a pass and was hit as he came down. He flipped and landed on his head. Coaches rushed to his side, but the most important person on the field at that moment was Brandon Stafford.

Stafford is Faith’s athletic trainer this year, and nowhere is his presence more noticeable than on the football field. “I’m essentially the first medical professional a lot of these kids will see,” Stafford said. (more…)

Flower Mound teen gets $10,000 surprise from Nordstrom

Sarah Steinmann is surrounded by fellow members of the senior class at Grapevine Faith Christian School. (Photo by: Brian Ogden)

GRAPEVINE, Texas – Sarah Steinmann of Flower Mound, a senior at Faith Christian School in Grapevine, was awarded a $10,000 scholarship from Nordstrom on Friday.

While Nordstrom gives out 80 such scholarships each year, Steinmann was the only applicant selected from the Southwest region to win the award.

Winners were selected based on the applications and essays they submitted along with counselor recommendations and a video-chat interview with members of the selection committee.

Representatives from Nordstrom Cares visited Steinmann’s school early Friday morning while all 75 seniors were in their first-period Bible class.

Steinmann did not know she had won the award until the Nordstrom representatives walked in. “I was super surprised,” she said, “because I thought I wouldn’t find out anything until October 31. This was so unexpected.”

In addition to $10,000 toward college expenses, Steinmann was also awarded a new MacBook Air.

Steinmann said she “will most likely attend [Texas] A&M,” where she was accepted last week into the College of Education and Human Development. “I think I want to be a teacher of some kind,” Steinmann said. She “felt extremely grateful to God,” and is “thankful, obviously, to my parents for being super awesome and supportive.”

To see this article as it was originally published in the Cross Timbers Gazette, click here.

To see this article as it was originally printed in the Grapevine Faith RAWR, click here.