50 Years Later, Dallas Remembers Kennedy

GRAPEVINE, Texas – In 1963, President John F. Kennedy was visiting Dallas while campaigning for re-election. “Although he had not formally announced his candidacy, it was clear that President Kennedy was going to run and he seemed confident about his chances for re-election,” according to the John F. Kennedy Presidential museum. As his motorcade turned off Main Street and onto Dealey Plaza in downtown Dallas, the President’s limousine came under fire from the Texas School Book Depository.

On November 22, our entire nation and, in particular, Dallas, Texas will remember the events of that day 50 years ago. As the anniversary approaches, the Sixth Floor Museum has received more attention. Lee Harvey Oswald fired shots from the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository which now serves as a museum. The sixth floor houses the museum’s permanent exhibits, and the seventh floor is used for temporary ones.

The museum offers a unique perspective on history from the sniper’s perch. Visitors may actually get the same view that Oswald had the afternoon that the President was shot. If you cannot visit the museum in person, be sure to check out their website, where you can get the same viewpoint from the live webcam installed on the windowsill.

Crowds gathered to see the President while he was here. With so many people witnessing the event, the museum started an oral history project that “explores the history and

culture of Dallas in the 1960s and preserves personal recollections of the life and death of President John F. Kennedy,” their website said. Researchers have interviewed more than 1,000 people and their stories are on display at the museum.

While at the museum, be certain to do the walking tour of Dealey Plaza. You can use your cell phone to listen to a guided audio tour around the plaza. If you are already at the museum, why not look around the grassy knoll as well on your way out.

Controversy still surrounds Kennedy’s assassination, and the upcoming anniversary will surely bring conspiracy theories to the forefront of discussion once more. Whether you believe Oswald acted alone or are confident there had to be another shooter, the museum is worth a visit. There is no better way to appreciate and learn about history than to walk where it was made.

To see this article as it was originally published in the Grapevine Faith RAWR, click here.


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