Seniors Play On Local Indoor Soccer Team

GRAPEVINE, Texas – Faith’s men’s varsity soccer team has had well-known success over the past few years, winning three State Championships in a row, but it is a new soccer team that has started garnering some attention. No, it is not the JV team nor the women’s team, though they have reason to get a second look as well. While this team does not have Faith logos on the uniform, it is made up of Faith seniors who wanted to have a little fun on the weekends.

Senior Jake Smith has been a member of Faith’s baseball program since he was a sophomore and devoted much of his time to that sport. He had always liked soccer, but “playing baseball as a main sport would make it difficult to play for the school,” Smith said. He found an indoor soccer league through Blue Sky Sports in Keller and started asking some of his friends if they’d like to join in. With fellow senior Bryce Wasserman as their coach and varsity players like Dan Hancock, Drake Reeves, and Hunter Landis along for the ride, Los Lobos was born.

Needing a name, Smith said that the guys “for whatever reason…thought of [Mr. Michael] Beeson” and chose to name themselves after his alma mater, New Mexico State University. Most of the players joined the team as a way to have fun while staying in shape and getting in some extra work for their role on Faith’s team. Reeves said he joined because it would be a “good way to hang out with guys outside of school and have a good time.”

Wasserman is in the unique position of coaching his peers (who often have one or more championship rings) while not knowing much more than they do about soccer. “I don’t do very much. I just sub in guys when they get tired and call timeouts if we need them,” Wasserman said. “Otherwise, I just repeat what the other coach says.”

The team plays on Sunday nights at Blue Sky Sports in Keller, and Smith said that they “could really use a fanbase.” Reeves also wanted to be sure to point out that “Brady [Stallings] is our enforcer and go-to guy.”

Be sure to check out the Los Lobos soccer team. You may have seen Faith soccer before, but here is a chance to watch some players who do not necessarily have the time to play for Faith and you can avoid the cold by being indoors.

To see this article as it was originally published in the Grapevine Faith RAWR, click here.


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