Class Teaches Reality Behind CSI Shows

GRAPEVINE, Texas – 2013 Neilsen Ratings showed that nearly 10.8 million Americans watched CSI in one night. Our culture definitely has a fascination with crime shows, but how much of what we see on TV actually happens at a real-life crime scene? To answer that question you should check out Faith’s forensics class taught by Mrs. Lyndsey Toce.

Forensics is available to seniors in the second semester after being paired with environmental science. David Fegan describes it as “a very inspirational class” where you can “learn about the justice system and how it has evolved into what it is today.” The class can be very eye-opening as it shows how much Hollywood differs from reality. “It shows us how justice is really played out instead of dramatic cases being opened and shut in one week,” Fegan said.

The students participate in labs where they have to solve their own mysteries. “It’s cool, we get to learn about fingerprints and cold cases,” Baylee Barnes said. “It’s awesome!” Recently, the students had to search for hair fibers at a crime scene and match them to a suspect.

Fegan said the lab work can sometimes be “very thrilling and nerve racking,” but he has enjoyed the class and finds it very interesting. Barnes said she enjoys seeing what goes on behind the scenes and what they do not mention on the TV shows. After all, “the TV show is just 35 minutes and forensics class is almost an hour,” she said. Forensics offers the opportunity for students to grasp why our culture is so fascinated with crime shows and what they are really about.

To see this article as it was originally published in the Grapevine Faith RAWR, click here.


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