Freshmen Tour Colleges On Annual Road Trip

GRAPEVINE, Texas – The class of 2017 began preparing for college in late April with the annual freshman college tour. Students toured four Texas universities over two days and came back with a new outlook on the college application process. Mrs. Michelle Taylor, Director of Academic and College Advising, led the trip which is designed “to allow students to get a ‘feel’ for the different opportunities they will have when making their own college choices,” she said.

Students visited DBU, TCU, Baylor, and Texas A&M. “We chose these schools for students to see different types of colleges, different sizes of colleges, and different types of college towns,” Mrs. Taylor said. “The purpose of the visits is not to promote any school. It is to enhance the student’s view of college and fuel their desire to attend a four-year university.” The students seemed to be evenly divided on which school was their favorite, but as many of this year’s seniors can tell you, those opinions can change many times before a final decision is made.

At each school, the freshmen met with admissions representatives, took a tour, and learned about the application requirements and process for that particular university. Mrs. Taylor said, “Basically, students will learn the questions to ask and get comfortable with the college atmosphere.”

This year’s group was the largest ever to go on this trip. “There were 103 of them, and they were just pretty perfect,” Mrs. Taylor said. Students were given the opportunity to attend Breakaway, one of the largest on-campus ministries in the country, at Texas A&M. Breakaway has nearly 11.000 students attend throughout the year. Freshman Megan Stallings said this was her favorite part of the trip and that if she could change anything about the trip it would be “to stay longer and do Breakaway again.”

Faith’s varsity basketball coach Matt Sayman played basketball at Baylor. As one of the chaperones, he was able to work out a private tour of the basketball facilities at his alma mater. Freshman Cam Roane said this was his favorite part of the trip and that he really liked Baylor. The only thing he would change would be the bus rides.

The freshmen have plenty of time to make their choices before they graduate, but many now have an idea of what type of school they will want to attend. “We’ll see if any of the them end up attending any of [these schools] in four years,” Mrs. Taylor said.

To see this article as it originally appeared in the Grapevine Faith RAWR, click here.


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