Abby Lutzenkirchen Honors Her Brother in a Special Way

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. – Alabama soccer player Abby Lutzenkirchen had a unique bond with her older brother Philip that went beyond the athletic talents both shared. When Philip was tragically killed in a car accident last June, Abby chose to honor her late brother in a special way.

Philip, a four-year member of the Auburn football team and starting tight end on the Tigers’ 2010 national championship squad, wore No. 43 on the football field. Abby, a three-year starter on the Crimson Tide soccer team, chose No. 33. However, as a tribute to Philip, Abby switched her jersey to No. 43 prior to start of the 2014 season.

“Every time I see 43, whether it’s on the clock or on my price ticket or anything, I just think of him,” she said. “I think that playing with 43 on my back this year is a huge honor for me, and I think about him constantly – on the field, off the field. It’s given me a different perspective when I’m on the field.”

Recently, TideTV sat down with Abby, teammate Theresa Diederich and Alabama soccer head coach Todd Bramble to talk about Philip Lutzenkirchen and the tribute to him by his little sister.

To see this article as it originally appeared on and watch TideTV’s film, click here.

This article was written from press releases with help from other members of the Athletic Communications staff.


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