About Me


IMG_1963I am a student at the University of Alabama, majoring in journalism with a concentration in sports communication. I hope to work in sports media when I graduate. On this site you will find work I have completed during my time in high school  for my school’s student media programs, local newspapers, and summer journalism workshops. I have also added my work for student media at Alabama as well as my work from my job in the Athletics Communications office there.

Whether it was interviewing professional athletes in the Major Leagues as a high school sophomore or interviewing new teachers at my high school, my writing has taken me places I never could’ve gone otherwise. I have had the opportunity to cover the 2013 Women’s College World series, be on the ground in Moore, Okla. after a massive EF5 tornado, and witness a hog butchering all in the name of journalism. Most recently, I was blessed with the opportunity to work with ESPNU during the filming of an Alabama volleyball game as their time out coordinator.

As a student at the University of Alabama, I took a job as a Student Assistant in the Athletic Communications office and am a staff writer for the Honors College’s Mosaic Magazine. A portion of this site also functioned as my blog for Mrs. Meredith Cummings’ JN 101 class. For JN 101, I reported on local events on campus and around Tuscaloosa. The highlight of my JN 101 experience has to be when I had the opportunity to go on the SEC Nation set while it was being constructed in Tuscaloosa to interview the producers about how they put on a traveling show about college football.

Working in the Athletics Communications office has given me a chance to see all that must happen behind the scenes of athletic contests at the collegiate level. I have worked in the press box and on the sidelines during competitions, and update game notes and stats while helping the sports information directors with their day-to-day tasks.

I hope you enjoy the site, and, please, feel free to look back through the archives to see how my writing has improved.


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