Culture Shock

Designed by Cara Walker

Designed by Cara Walker

Late one night in his dorm room, freshman Zachary Dutton from Moulton, Alabama found himself sitting with his newfound friends trying to explain his family home. The girl sitting across from him simply could not grasp the concept of a doublewide.

She is not alone.

The University of Alabama is now home to more out-of-state students than Alabamians, and with this diversity comes many cultural differences. Sometimes, students meeting southern culture for the first time just don’t get it. The Honors College recognizes these challenges and tries to help students grow more comfortable in their new home at the Capstone.

“We try to find something that’s of interest or things that they’d like to explore and to get them involved in trying to sample,” said Honors College Dean Dr. Shane Sharp.

Sharp compares new cultural experiences to international travel.

“Study up on it ahead of time, find somebody who can get you aligned with it and learn how things are done, and embrace it,” Sharpe said. (more…)