2013 TCU Journalism Workshop

Column from TCU Journalism Workshop 2013

FORT WORTH, Texas – I was five years old when my father was shot in a Houston parking lot. At the time, all I knew was that my dad was in the hospital. Later, my parents told me he had been shot and when I was older my dad told me the story from his point of view.

Out of curiosity, I recently searched court records for the facts of the case.



Former TCU Baseball Player Catches Attention From Teammates


FORT WORTH, Texas – Al Ralston, TCU’s former bullpen catcher, had one hit in his entire collegiate career. He never started a single game and only had three at-bats in his time at the university. Still, he played a crucial role in helping TCU get to the College World Series in 2010.

As the bullpen catcher, Ralston worked heavily with the Horned Frogs’ pitchers. He worked with them before they would go into games and offer tips on what pitches were working well for that individual pitcher.

“Really I just came in focusing on being the best teammate I could and doing whatever I could to help the team out and get to a College World Series,” Ralston said. (more…)